Helpful Books

Looking for a good read? Below are some of the books that I have found very helpful:

General Theology
Theology for Beginners (Frank J. Sheed)
Jesus the Bridegroom (Brant Pitre)

Covenant Theology
A Father Who Keeps His Promises (Scott Hahn)
Kinship by Covenant (Scott Hahn)
Bible Basics for Catholics (John Bergsma)

Catholic and Christian (Alan Schreck)
Catholicism and Fundamentalism (Karl Keating)

The Drama of Salvation (Jimmy Akin)

The Lamb’s Supper (Scott Hahn)
Lord Have Mercy (Scott Hahn)

The Blessed Mother
Hail Holy Queen (Scott Hahn)
Behold Your Mother (Tim Staples)

Forming Intentional Disciples (Cherry Weddell)
Evangelizing Catholics (Scott Hahn)